Karen’s Background

As a Professional Organizer with over 10 years of experience, Karen understands that we aren’t all wired the same way. Despite wanting to live in a world where the books are arranged in height order, the papers are all put away in color coded files, and everyone knows exactly where their keys are, Karen understands that we all see the world differently and face unique challenges. Her goal is to help clients control the chaos in their lives and bring order to their world. She ultimately wants them to find more time to do the things they love, no matter what they are.

Karen’s career path has taken many twists and turns. She earned both, her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and her Master of Business Administration degree from the University of ¬†Florida. She has worked as a research chemist, a teacher, and a business manager for a large medical practice before deciding she needed a more creative outlet. Her love for organization and the unique challenges that individuals face in their everyday lives, trying to stay on top of so many responsibilities, enticed her to start her own business.

Karen volunteers regularly at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and will soon be taking on the role of President of Le Bonheur Club, the major fundraising and volunteering arm of the hospital. Karen loves to spend time with her husband and three children. She is an avid reader, a gardener, and loves to travel. Some of her favorite destinations include Scandinavia, Russia, Thailand, and South Africa. Karen is always planning her next international adventure.

Karen Eskin

Karen Eskin

Professional Organizer, MBA, CPO


(901) 351-2161

How It All Got Started

My passion for organizing anything and everything started when I was very young. But it wasn’t until I became a wife and mother that my skills were truly evident, even to me. My house was organized, we ate a home cooked meal every night, my kids were at school on time every day with everything they needed, and our schedule ran like clockwork. My friends loved to tease me about it but they all asked for help at some point.

Word spread about my love of organization and I was asked to create a library at my children’s preschool. I was happy to do it and learned very quickly that there’s a reason someone can get a degree in library science. It’s much more complicated than just putting books in ABC order. At the same time, two of my real estate agent friends started sending me pictures and asking me questions about how they could best help their clients get their homes sold. I gave them advice on organization, decluttering, and decor. Several people suggested I start a business that showcased my talents and that’s how the Organized Advantage came to be.

This business is truly and expression of who I am and what I love to do. There is no greater satisfaction than having a client tell me how good it feels to be organized, how much money they’re saving, or how much more relaxed they feel. To me, it’s all about finding solutions to your organizing problems, refining your routines, and harnessing the advantages that come along with being organized.